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2009-08-31 18:09:26 by Tommy-Gun

Sometimes, I just have to get something to be perfect. This happens the most when I'm drawing, and I spend hours drawing and erasing just one area to get it to look right. Unfortunately, it doesn't always end up being the way I want it to be. It gets a little annoying and time-consuming at times, but I guess it helps on the long run.

But I guess I'm not the only one.

Here's a picture of the monk from Diablo 3 that I've been working on for a while now. I've only finished the gauntlet on one of the hands and also the fighting stick (although I might need to work on that a little more.) I just started working on the belt and I'm not even close to being done yet, so I'll see how this turns out.



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2009-10-16 21:00:09

Oh my,
That texture is simply beautiful. It's perfect. I look forward to seeing this completed. I really do, I get the feeling that this will turn out to be a masterpiece.
I guess being a perfectionist pays off.

(Updated ) Tommy-Gun responds:

Drawing this picture is taking too long, so I've kind of taken a break from it. I may come back and finish it off in the future.

Anyways, thanks for the constructive criticism so far.


2009-10-30 22:22:16

I have to say Tommy Gun all of your work is beautifully designed with multiple textures, and such. Keep up the good work

-Finton ;)

Tommy-Gun responds:

Lol thanks man.


2009-11-24 19:23:08

Yo,wats up Tommy-Gun? I havent spoken to you in a while...

well,i understand wat your talking about when yu say you need perfection but somtimes it dosent come out the way you want it. like the flash i told u about that i was working took me forever to get that done and perfect and ready.
Please,PM me.

Tommy-Gun responds:

I'm not great with flash, but I can understand that it probably takes a lot of time. Also, I'm busy, and I don't like working on the work of others when my own job isn't finished.


2010-11-28 14:22:50

Will you pm me when this is finished?

Tommy-Gun responds:

Meh I doubt I'll finish it. Maybe in 10 years.


2010-12-23 13:15:09

this is great cant wait till its finnished

Tommy-Gun responds:

Hehe, about that...